Artists – die beteiligten KünstlerInnen



Padungsak Kochsomrong (Arjan Toi) , Thailand


Padungsak Kochsomrong (Multidisciplinary Artist, Professor at the Faculty of Fine arts , Chiang Mai University, Director of Studio Xang Foundation, Board Member of MAP Foundation)

Padungsak Kochsomrong (Arjan Toi) was born in Bangkok in 1964. He received a BFA in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Art, Chiang Mai University in 1991 and a Masters degree in Art Education at the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok in 1999. As the Director of Studio Xang, Chiang Mai, Board member of MAP Foundation, he champions its initiatives, which combine art, education, and activity. Padungsak is also a practicing artist and painting instructor at Chiang Mai University. He has performed and exhibited widely, domestically and internationally. He is a frequent participant and organizer of The Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival held annually in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.
His most recent Solo performance and installation exhibition was executed in 2007, entitled “Surrealistic Conception” Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University, Thailand 2004 Solo Art Exhibition ”Deconstruction after the Condolence to the Authorities Project.” Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiangmai University, Thailand / 2001 Solo Art Exhibition “Perception & Reality”, Chiangmai University, Chiangmai, Thailand/ “Freedom “How are you?” Hull Time Based Arts, Hull, England.

Selected Performance Art and Painting Exhibitions:

2015 Naan Arts Festival, Thailand
2014 Jaipur Art Festival Art Island Tokyo, Habumnato, Oshima and Honson, Niijma, Izu Oshima, Tokyo, Japan Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival META, Chongqing Live Art Festival, Chongqing,Chin

2013 6Th International “d. fleiss & east west artists“Symposium of Modern Art in Kärntnerhof- Mallnitz – Austria ,September 2013 /                                                                           Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival, Chiangrai The Nacha Artists'Residence : Contemporary Art International Symposium

2012, Okinawa-Thailand Exchange Art Exhibition at Chiang Mai University Art Center, Chiang Mai /The 15th Open-Air International Art Exhibition,Abiko,Japan / ASIATOPIA 14,International Performance Art Festival,Bangkok Art Center,Thailand

2011, minimoVes art project,Thailand, /Performance Art in HongKong:
“Eartheffect” International Performance Art Festival ASIATOPIA 13/2011 / “What To Dip” International Art Exhibition, Chiang Mai, Thailand,                                        Okinawa-Thailand Exchange Art Exhibition, Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, Japan.

2010, Performance Art Laboratory Project (PALA Project)”undisclosed territory” Solo, Indonesia / “GIVE ART A CHANCE” ASIATOPIA International Performance Art Festival, Chiang Mai,Thailand


2008, "Art_Plus-jp Performance Art Project 2008", Japan PERFURBANCE # 4, Java, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2007, ”Smell” ASIATOPIA 9/2007 International Performance Art Festival, Chiang Mai ,Thailand
2006, The 8th International Symposium of Modern Art d. fleiss & east – west artists, Rumania
2005, 7th Asiatopia/ First S.E. Asia Performance Art Symposium [SEAPAS]  The CONVERGENCE International Art Exhibition , The Ho Chi Minh city Fine Arts Museum, Vietnam

Le Brothers (LE NGOC Thanh & LE DUC Hai), Vietnam

Born in 1975, Bình TrThiên, Vietnam, Live and work in Hue City, Vietnam       






Graduated from Hue University of Fine Arts, in 2000

Resume: Le Brothers: (Le Ngoc Thanh and Le Duc Hai) are identical twin brothers who live and work in Hue, Vietnam, a place that serves as inspiration for much of their work. Their art practices include painting, installation, performance art, film and video. They have performed and exhibited their work in Vietnam and internationally, including Singapore Biennale 2013 and most recently “Secret Archipelago”- Singapore En France Le Festival at Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

Their unique approach to history, identity and the interpretation of the past in the present produces works that accelerate our understanding of unforgettable events which are presented as refined and dignified accounts that invite the viewer’s reflection, realization and a deeper respect for culture and custom. Their practice explores an aesthetic to examine, dissect and question the post-war consciousness of North and South Vietnam.

Le Brothers are the founders of the New Space Arts Foundation which opened in 2008. It is an Art Residency program for international artists to experience Vietnam and to create art. The foundation is the first artist in residency in Vietnam and it is fully funded by Le Brothers from the sales of their art. 

SELECTED Exhibitions & Screening/Performance

2 November 2016 – 19 February 2017, The Game | Viet Nam by LE Brothers, The Jim Thompson Art Center

2015 “STANCE or DISTANCE? – Connecting Myself to the World.” video art (into the sea 3 channel)

Contemporary Art Kumamoto, Japan

“into Asia” video art (into the sea 3 channel) The Queens museum, New York, USA

“Stories in a story” Mixed performance, Live Biennale, September 2015, Vancouver, Canada

“The Underlying” video art 3 channel, Center A Vancouver, Cannada

“OTHER SIDE PROJECT-Le Brothers” Prsten Gallery, The Croatian Association of Visual

Artists, Zagreb, Croatia

“Secret Archipelago”- Singapore En France Le Festival, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France

“Do Disturb Contemporary Arts Festival”, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France

“Budi Daya” video art “Into The Sea” in Malay Heritage, Singapore.

2014 Film Screening and Lecture, “Into the Ocean”- part of "Facing to the Ocean: selected documentaries from Vietnam", (October 3-18),

Brown University, MIT, Yale University, New York University, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, United States Navy Memorial Foundation and Naval Heritage Center, George Washington University, organized by The Institute for Vietnamese Culture & Education, NY

“Red project” and "The glimmer that we see / Vietnam" in Taipei, Taiwan

2013 Singapore Biennale 2013-If The World Change, Singapore

Krynkana Kongpetch, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Krynkana Kongpetch, born in Bangkok 1982, is a lecturer in Sculpture and Art Theory at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Krynkana works as a performance artist, installation artist and more traditional approaches to sculpture. Conceptually her concerns explore presence and being, in life and death through considerations of light, space, visibility and memory. She employs process and repetition through pattern and ritual gesture to convey her ideas from a perspective of Buddhist philosophy.      

Aye Ko, Yangon, Myanmar



Aye Ko, born in Pathein in 1963, he arrived in Yangon 1988. He was one of the post Modern art generations in Myanmar. In 1990, he organized “Modern Art 90” art exhibition. Aye Ko early works were impression paintings. Through the contact with Yangon based Modern artists such as Maung D and Aung Myint, he started exploring abstractions. In 1994 he founded “Olive” gallery. After 1996 he was interested in postmodern ideas and he began starting to explore performance art. In 1999, he participated in the second Asiatopia International Performance Art festival in Bangkok, Thailand. He subsequently created performance works in Hong Kong, Macau, Cambodia, Germany, Philippines, Vietnam, France, Indonesia, Japan and New York. Aye Ko is now a renowned performance Artist in Myanmar and internationally.

After 2000, he practiced multimedia art and new art and participated in the activities of “New Zero Art Group”, which transformed from “Modern art 90”. In 2001, he created a performance piece at Asian performance Art Festival in New York,. In 2005, Asian Cultural Council awarded him the 3 months art residency in New York in USA. Moreover, ACC granted him to study art galleries in Indonesia and China. After his gallery visits in Indonesia in 2007, he decided to establish an art space as he realized that artists have to unite in order to go to international. Therefore, in 2008, he established “New Zero Art Space” in order to promote emerging artists and to promote Myanmar contemporary art.                                                         Ay Ko has participated in over 30 international group exhibitions from 1999 to 2009. Besides these, he locally participated in over 50 group shows in Myanmar. He had solo shows in New York, USA and Hong Kong. His sixth solo show was at the Lawkanat gallery in Yangon, Myanmar. As the executive director of New Zero Art space, he is leading the Myanmar contemporary art movement. Through international exchange programs and artist in residency programs he keeps a dialogue between Myanmar and International artists. Being an art critic and a writer as well, he founded a media group, which has been publishing two monthly magazines, “Fashion”, a fashion and beauty magazine and “Hlaing Thit”, an art and literature magazine. In 2008, he directed a VCD. His art works are collected in the USA, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Belgium, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and in Myanmar.                  

Seine Arbeiten sind in Sammlungen in USA, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Belgium, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and in Myanmar zu finden.          

Thyitar Art, Yangon, Myanmar


Thyitar, a young artist is working as a curator and artist at New Zero Art Space, Yangon. Concerning her art work, she is argues with her role as a woman and Muslima, who belongs to a religions minority in Myanmar.

Pitchaya Ngamcharoen, Chiang Mai/Thailand


Pitchaya Ngamcharoen 1989, is a Thai artist based in Chiang Mai and Bangkok. As an animal spirit, Pitchaya has always been drawn to her own species — non-human. Her artistic process usually involves animals and human participants to create a form of transparent overlap which is then transformed into an art event or object. The outcomes are often shown in interactive installation, sculpture and online sites.

Her last experimental project, “Calling Lost Brothers”, is a project, which aims to visualize an animal as an unnoticed and unperceived territory. Conversations between the artist and other species are easily made when we share one thing in common — energy resources.

Pitchaya is interested in the overlapping layers of human living space and that of animals. In the city, a small number of people realize or care about animate creatures living underneath or above us unless they bother them. In this project, sugar is used to track ants which live in the same building with the artist. The ants’ trails are marked and preserved. The audience is presented with a map showing these ants’ trails and invited to explore the building through the ants’ eyes.



Katharina Oberlick, Deutschland


Born in 1968, Katharina studied Theater science in Giessen, Germany and is a founding member of the performance group SheShe Pop, with which she performed for 10 years.

She is a independent actor and director in Hamburg and Ludwigshafen where she also teaches contemporary Theater and Performance. Katharina is involved in youth work, teaching teachers and theater education and workshops.

Since 2010 she leads a intercultural youth ensemble, Inner Rise, that performs publicly with video installation, theater and interactive performances.

Since 2010 she teaches at the ADK contemporary performance. 

Monika Golla, Deutschland


Born 1966 Bytom PL / studied art history at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, focus on film and video / studied visual communications at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach am Main / work scholarship at the University Foundation Augsburg / graduate studies-photographic concepts with Rudolf Bonvie / studio grant of the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, Reykjavík / Artist in Residence, Antonie-Leins-Künstlerhaus Horb am Neckar 2012-15 / nominated for the German Sound Art Award, together with Nikolaus Heyduck / since 1996 numerous domestic and international exhibitions and installations, as well as location-bound space concepts, workshops, sound installations and performances as well as exhibition conception and curatorial work / since 2015 organization and project management of the kunstortELEVENartspace together with Frank Fierke

Nikolaus Heyduck, Deutschland


1957 in Kassel geboren, ist bildender Künstler, Musiker und Komponist.

1979 ging er an die Städelschule Frankfurt am Main, wo er bis 1985 in der Filmklasse von Peter Kubelka studierte, sowie bei Bernhard Jäger, Hermann Nitsch und anderen.

Ab 1980 besuchte er regelmäßig die Internationalen Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in Darmstadt und belegte Kurse bei Johannes Fritsch und Clarence Barlow. Ein vertiefendes Studium der Komposition erfolgte von 1990 bis 1995 bei Toni Völker an der Akademie für Tonkunst Darmstadt.

Stipendien erhielt Heyduck von der Frankfurter Künstlerhilfe (1989), dem Internationalen Musikinstitut Darmstadt (1994 und 1996) und dem Land Hessen (1996/97), Atelierstipendien von Wacker-Kunst, Mühltal (2000) und von der Association of Icelandic Visual Artists (SÍM), Reykjavik (2007). Seit 2006 unterstützt ihn der Verein Ziegelhütte e.V. mit einem Atelier im Künstlerhaus Ziegelhütte, Darmstadt.

Andreas Hoffmann, Curator, Deutschland


1961 born in Eningen u. A.

1982 work with form and content of the mask, studies at the Academy of Drama, Arhus, Denmark.

1985-1988 studies of sculpturing at the Free University of Art, Nürtingen

1985-1988 studies of education at the University of Social Studies, Reutlingen

1988-89 studies of sculpturing, performance and multi media art at the University of Art, Berlin, disciple of Prof. Taijiri, Prof. Rebecca Horn

Since 1999 work as a free artist.

Teacher for Performance and Drama.

Director of the Institute of Instruction of Theatre Education Baden Württemberg, Germany.

Teacher at the University of Education, Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Art works are in private collections and museums.

Exhibitions, Installations and Performances in Europe and Asia.

Christoph Riemer, Deutschland

Christoph Riemer born in 1949                                                            

„Games with no winners“ - monthly TV show 1976 - 1983

,Traveled USA, China, Mexiko, Deutschland und der Schweiz, 1980 bis 1990.

Masks and Rituals – Research artist projects in Brazil, Great Britain, USA, China, Mexico, Germany and Switzerland. 1980 to 1990

Since this time

Theater Productions, performances, Organization of international symposia. 1990 - creative director workshops at the Buckhardthaus in Gelnhausen.                                                                          

Since 1992 leading PlayingArts wiht workshops, exhibitions and projects including internationally.

Christoph Riemers the author of six books on art, education and performance art. His creativity is centered around his invention of PlayingArts movement.

His art practice includes photography, Video, performance. He organizes workshops, Symposia and Festivals.

Snežana Golubović, Deutschland


is a Serbian artist based in Germany. 
Born in the year The Rolling Stones rocked the world with 
„(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction“, she grew up with the Belgrade Alternative Scene (BAS), heard Ekatarina Velika, read Ivo Andrić and Danilo Kiš, visited BITEF (Belgrade International Theatre Festival) and FEST (Film festival), studied Drama, wrote about music and film, spent her summers in Dubrovnik and made her own radio and TV programs.

In 1992, she moved to Germany where she has worked independently as an actress / performer in professional productions directed by renown’s such as Alexander Brill, Dirk Hauser, Angie Hiesl, Saskia Boddeke and Peter Greenaway. 
She was an assistant to Marina Abramović and a member of the Independent Performance Group (I.P.G.), which was founded and led by Abramović.
Her works have been shown internationally at, amongst others: 
NMAC Foundation, Cadiz (2004), Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (2005), Avignon Theatre Festival (2005), Venice Biennale (2007), OPEN International Performance Art Festival, Beijing (2008 & 2009), Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels (2011), RAPID PULSE International Performance Art Festival, Chicago (2012), I Venice International Performance Art Week (2012), LIVE International Art Biennale, Vancouver (2013), Mostra Performatus #1, São Paulo (2014), Conflicta! - 1° Laboratorio Internacional de Performance, Punta Arenas, Patagonia/Chile (2014),
undisclosed territory #9, Studio Plesungan, Jawa/Indonesia (2015) and Future of Imagination 10, Singapore (2015).

Singapore (2015)

Marcel Sparmann


Artist BIO

Marcel Sparmann is a performance artist born in Gera, Germany. He studied Theatre

and Performance Art at the University of Hildesheim and Environmental Art at

Glasgow School of Art. His specific interest reaches across the media spectrums and

includes influences from dance, spatial based art, video and installation. He works as

an artist and guest teacher in solo and collaborative projects all over Europe and

furthermore in North- and Southamerica, USA and Asia. His approach has led him to

develop a specific understanding for shared spaces and situations which could be

seen as ephemeral intersections between political, philosophical and social based

questions. Lately he has been holding a guest teaching position at Ernst – Busch

Hochschule für Schauspiel und Regie in Berlin and the University of Cologne.

Maria Grazia Sacchitelli


Born at Mola di Bari (Italy). She studied literater and art history, university of Milano and painting at the art academy Stuttgart. She is working and living in Stuttgart.

Experimentierend mit unterschiedlichen Medien, Materialien und Formaten, entwickelt Maria Grazia Sacchitelli Bilder, Objekte, raum- und prozessorientierte Installationen und Aktionen. Was auf den ersten Blick unbedeutend und beiläufig erscheint, ruft bei näherem Hinsehen Irritationen hervor und regt an über Seh- und Denkgewohnheiten zu reflektieren. Es sind oft minimale Eingriffe in die gewohnten Verhältnisse, die es ihr ermöglichen den Blick auf verborgenen Aspekte der Realität zu verlagern und Erwartungen und Konventionen in Frage zu stellen. 

Ulla Marquardt


After graduating from high school I finished a 3-year apprenticeship as a silk-screen printer and lithograph, followed by work experience as a professional printer.  Interested in further developing my visual skills, I began my university studies of photography in 1987 at the department of photography in Dortmund, Germany. In my third year I was granted a scholarship to study for one semester at the Parson School of Design in New York.

Mona-Maria Scholze

*1989 in Mutlangen lebt und arbeitet in Muenchen und Stuttgart
2015-heute Aufbaustudium Prof. Senta Connert Akademie der Bildenden Kunste Munchen
2010-2015 Diplom Malerei und Grafik Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kunste Karlsruhe
Meisterschulerin von Prof. Marijke van Warmerdam
2013 Erasmus Stipendium Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Mailand
Prof. Valerio Ambiveri, Prof. Cesare Somaini und Prof. Pilhoon Kim
2009-2010 Karl-Ludwigs Universitat, Freiburg i. Br., Philosophie und Psychologie


At the moment I deal with the diferent possible realities people create consciously or unconsciously
for themselves.
Concerning art I do installative work. Part of the installations is their duality, consisting of
immaterial parts, which can be found in projected videos, and real objects.
It is about liveliness and something intrinsically that resides within each installation. As a specifc
place and point in time they are interlinked with their locality.
My work includes photography and drawings as well as my own texts, texts written by other people
and objects I have found. Te projected flm is an important element of my work due to light and
Part of my work processes involve human beings, atmospheres, shapes, movements and their
relationship to one another...coincidence...some kind of temporality as well as the path from
possibility to reality as a philosophical question.

Makiko Nishikaze


b. 1968 Wakayama, Japan

Makiko Nishikaze studied composition, first in Japan and then at Mills College, California, with Alvin Curran. She completed her studies at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin as a Meisterschülerin of Walter Zimmermann.